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Special Package for Elite Fighters

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REVEALED: The Secret Methods I Use With My
Pro Fighters When Fight Night Approaches…

The methods I’m going to reveal to you have been proven effective with UFC fighters.

If you’re an experienced amateur or pro fighter who wants every edge possible to get the win…

Or you’re getting ready for your first MMA fight, I’m giving you the opportunity to ensure you don’t screw up 3 crucial components to winning your fight:

……. 1. Unshakeable confidence through proven combat mental preparation
……. 2. Cutting weight effectively without draining your energy reserve
……. 3. A pre-fight warmup to maximize your physiological readiness and prevent fatigue

If you want to do everything possible and go into your fight 100% sure of yourself both mentally and physically that you’re going to win the fight, here’s what you’re getting:

The Elite Fighters Package

Component #1: Secrets of the Mental Game with Brian Cain ($100 value)

Brian Cain is the sports psychologist that fixed GSP’s mindset after his devastating loss to Matt Serra, and now GSP has recaptured his title and been undefeated since.

Brian has also worked with many other pro fighters including Michael Bisping, Rich Franklin, Keith Jardine, and Nate Quarry.

In this 74 minute audio interrogation (and transcript), I grill Brian and get him to reveal the secrets that he teaches the top fighters in the world on how to mentally prepare to be not only a winner, but a CHAMPION.

Component #2: No Sweat Weight Cutting Guide ($29.95 value)

Excessive time spent sweating in the sauna or on a bike with a garbage bag on is not only unsafe but can also leave you drained of energy before your fight.

Instead, you can safely lose, 10, 15, or even 20 lbs by following the protocol outlined in this guide. You’ll not only avoid the sauna, you’ll also have MORE energy for your fight. This guide alone will change your career forever.

Component #3: Ultimate Fight Prep Warmup ($19.95 value)

I’ve seen a lot of dated, ineffective, and downright ridiculous things going on when I’ve been behind the scenes at UFC events with my fighters. One of them is warming up before a fight. Some guys warmed up too long, too hard, draining energy they could use in the octagon, others didn’t do enough.

I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to optimally prepare, including warming up your joints, muscles and NERVOUS SYSTEM so you have the fight of your life.


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contact me directly at support(at)ericwongmma[dot]com.