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Congratulations on making the awesome decision to jump on the incredible offer on the most efficient and effective program for getting in top fight shape. Smart move! 🙂

The exercise videos included in the Ultimate MMA Program are in streaming format that require an internet connection to view.

This helps me prevent piracy and keeps my programs from being uploaded to torrent sites.

Most guys are fine with this…

But, I know a lot of you like to take the videos with you to the gym on your iPhone, Android phone or other mobile device…

Or you’d rather have the videos saved on your computer instead of streaming them over the internet.

If you’re in this group and want downloadable videos that you can watch on your computer, laptop or copy to a portable device like an iPhone or Blackberry, then this is your chance to upgrade at a small cost.

Downloadable/Portable Videos

Each and every exercise has been converted to downloadable format so you can save them on your computer or take them with you to the gym. Now you can follow along and ensure you’re executing all of the exercises with flawless technique.


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 date, I will pay $39.95. Click Here to Decline This Offer


If you have any trouble with your order and need support, you may
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