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See The Results Of The Ultimate
MMA S&C Program In Action…

One of the coolest things about what I do is that I get to see the results of my programs, not just in a set of chiseled abs or ripped biceps, but in action in a mixed martial arts fight. 

Rocci Williams is a UK based fighter whose been following my programs for years. While it’d be awesome to just show some of my fighters in their UFC fights, it’s different because I trained them in person, which doesn’t necessarily reflect exactly the results you’ll get from the Ultimate MMA Program… Plus Dana White would probably shut me down within 24 hours. 🙂

So let’s let Rocci set the stage for the fight you’re about to watch, as he has some interesting thoughts about the mindset he went into the fight with, then we can see his S&C in action.

– E

“I won my fight how I said I would, I wrote it down – it went like this. he threw a couple of jabs of course I moved then I think as he threw the rear kick I tagged him a little from then he wiped his nose, i knew then he didnt like to get hit (wrong sport gumbo) I knew what was comming – he shot I stuffed it and put him on his back from here I got the crucifix landed one elbow, he said to me that he had enough (sorry dude, your in the wrong sport) so i proceeded with some more elbows and knocked him out – 64 seconds in the first ohhh yeah!! my celebration was longer lol. not once did I question my fitness, and I really really trained my arse off for this one, again I have to thank you for that”
Rocci Williams, Basingstoke, UK


Do you want to go into a fight, knowing you’ve got the fitness to handle whatever might come your way?

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