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As Promised, Here’s The NEVER
GAS MMA Workout Ebook

Because of this, here’s the NEVER GAS ebook and videos for the Crazy 8’s MMA Bodyweight Conditioning Circuits.

You’ll also be receiving regular updates from on topics related to improving your performance for MMA, such as new exercises, workout routines, nutrition tips and more, so keep your eyes on your inbox for emails from me!

Without further adieu, here’s your downloads, after you go through them I’d love to hear your thoughts about em!

– Eric

NEVER GAS ebook – just right click the blue link below and choose ‘Save As’:

Right Click Here and Choose ‘Save As’
to Download the NEVER GAS ebook

And here are the Crazy 8’s Workout Videos

Crazy 8’s Beginner Bodyweight Circuit

Crazy 8’s Advanced Bodyweight Circuit

Remember – these workouts are specifically designed to train your Anaerobic Endurance, but they are not the be-all, end-all of your MMA strength and conditioning program…

If you really want to take your training and/or fight career to the next level, you’ve got to follow a complete program that includes many different components.

Check out these video where I break it all down for you:

>> VIDEO: 3 Keys To Getting In Top Fight Shape <<