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MMA Training and Workout Articles

By Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS

On this page I'll be posting new articles on mixed-martial arts training methods, workouts, nutrition, and anything that will take your game to the next level.

You can also see the training videos I post regularly over at YouTube.

However, not everything I create makes it over to YouTube, as I want to keep some special content for my followers, which is why you’ll definitely want to visit my blog at EricWongMMA.com regularly, or to make things easier, just signup for my list (and get a free workout in the process) by clicking the blue ‘FREE MMA WORKOUT’ link above.

OK – enough of that – check out the articles here:

  1. MMA Workout Program Basics - Everything You Need in an Effective Proper MMA Workout Program

  2. Core Exercises for MMA - Develop a Solid and Powerful Core

  3. Include Anaerobic Lactic Training into your MMA Workouts for Never-Ending Cardio

  4. Medicine Ball Exercises for Ultimate MMA Power

  5. MMA Conditioning Workout - Pyramid Circuit

  6. How to Create an MMA Workout Program

  7. Balance Exercises for MMA

  8. The Most Popular MMA Training Workout Online

  9. 3 Tempo Secrets for Ultimate MMA Conditioning

  10. MMA Weight Training - It's Not About Bodybuilding Anymore

  11. MMA Strength and Conditioning Workout Frequency

  12. How to Use the Heart Rate Method to Prevent Overtraining

I post new articles here, on my newsletter and my blog regularly so check back to make sure you don't miss anything.

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