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The Complete Ultimate MMA Strength
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Special Deluxe Upgrades


muscle buildingDeluxe Upgrade #1 - 8-Week Muscle Building Blueprint for MMA Fighters ($39 value)

Are you a bone-rack looking to add a lot of much-needed muscle mass or do you just need to add 4 or 6 pounds of muscle to fill out your frame?

Either way, you can do so with this 8-week blueprint which I used to put on 7.6 lbs of lean muscle in only 8-weeks - all WITHOUT negatively affecting my MMA training with excessive soreness and fatigue that most muscle gaining routines will give you.

You'll be training 3 days a week and you'll know exactly every exercise, rep, set, and detail to make sure you gain muscle too.


mental training mma

Deluxe Upgrade #2 - Secrets of the Mental Game with Brian Cain ($100 value)

Brian Cain is the sports psychologist that fixed GSP's mindset after his devastating loss to Matt Serra, and now GSP's won his last 6 fights decisively and is widely regarded as the top welterweight in the world.

He's also worked with many other fighters including Rich Franklin, Keith Jardine, and Nate Quarry.

In this 74 minute audio intervew and transcript, you'll learn how to apply all of Brian's secrets to make sure you've got the right mindset leading into your fight.


one arm pushup

Deluxe Upgrade #3 - 4-Week 1-Arm Pushup Power Program($29 value)

The 1-arm pushup (OAPU) is a tough exercise that really shows your functional strength - how well you integrate your upper body strength with your core stability.

If you can't properly do a OAPU, then you've got some weaknesses in the chain, most likely your core stability.

This program addresses your weak links and will train your core to give you more powerful strikes, and maybe even a six-pack in the process!


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