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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Video #2 – CARDIO

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about how to train your cardio for mixed martial arts. Just like how you have to learn boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and BJJ to be a complete MMA fighter, you need to develop your cardio using different methods. In today’s video, I share my top methods with you so you know what it takes to truly develop ENDLESS cardio.


I Couldn’t Believe The Ridiculous Things I Saw Fighters Doing
Backstage At The UFC…

Jeff got the call from Joe Silva after he won the APEX Welterweight belt. He actually thought one of his buddies was playing a prank on him and almost hung up! Good thing he didn’t…

The UFC wanted Jeff to replace a fighter who’d dropped out due to injury. The fight was only 6 weeks away and would be against TUF winner Josh Koscheck – the fighter fans love to hate.

Koscheck was a tough first fight indeed, but this was Jeff’s dream and he wasn’t going to pass it up. Good thing he dominated his last fight and left without a scratch. So we got back to training immediately.

We’d prepped as best as we could and Jeff was feeling great.

A couple weeks away from the fight, our training session was over, and Jeff asked me if I’d wanted to go with him to his fight.

“HELL YEAH!” was my obvious response.

I was truly appreciative, honoured and super excited when he asked me to come with him. It felt like I was 6 years old on Christmas morning!

The event was on the military base at Miramar, so the crowd was rowdy and partial to the US born fighters. The atmosphere was surreal. Surrounding the hangar where the cage was setup were fighter jets, choppers and tanks. The marines were in their army fatigues and I was doing my best not to look like an infidel.

One of the fighter jets on the base. Sweet!

Leading up to the fight, I’d witnessed some truly ridiculous things…

I won’t name names, but there was a guy doing a bodybuilding style workout 3 days before fight night.

I saw a couple of fighters running around the base wearing garbage bags. And I talked to a coach who told me his fighter was starving himself and hadn’t drank anything for 3 straight days. All in the name of making weight! 

These techniques are horrible and they prompted me to document the process that we used to drop weight without these extreme measures…

When fight night came, it felt like we were on enemy territory and the feeling only intensified when they announced Jeff’s hometown. I was hanging out with one of Jeff’s long time training partners and his wife.

Jeff was in tough against Koscheck. He held his own and controlled the standup exchanges. He also locked up a triangle but the end of the round came 10 seconds too early. But Koscheck’s takedowns won him the fight via decision. 

As you can see, Jeff was in high spirits and I look a little down, although it could be because of my stupid haircut. 

It was a tough loss and Jeff’s face took a bit of damage but he didn’t have any serious injuries, so we were going to get back to training after a couple weeks off.

One bright point that made me happy was the fact that even though Jeff lost the fight, he was commended by both Dana White and Joe Rogan with his performance.

And even though he lost, his conditioning didn’t falter and he was able to battle for 3 rounds against a very tough wrestler, which would gas out a lot of other guys.  

Unfortunately, when we got back to training, things didn’t go quite as planned…

Jeff suffered a couple of concussions in consecutive days while training and then suffered for almost a year and a half with post-concussion symptoms.

The severity of the symptoms combined with the fact that he was a family man led to the very difficult decision of retiring from competitive MMA

Jeff still coaches and trains, but has decided that his health is the most important thing. 

Sad that I’d lost my first mixed-martial arts fighter to injury, I directed my energy towards putting together the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program and helping other athletes and fighters get into top fight shape, including UFC welterweight Claude Patrick and lightweight Mark Bocek.

Claude Patrick at UFC 115 in Vancouver.

Here’s a video of Claude and I after his UFC debut victory at UFC 115 in Vancouver:

My methods are tested and trusted by UFC fighters and you can get started following my Ultimate MMA S&C program right now:

Following this program is like having me coaching you through the process, just like I’ve coached Jeff Joslin and Claude Patrick. 

I can’t wait to be “in your corner” – see you on the ‘inside’!

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach

P.S. I shot more “behind-the-scenes” footage when I was with Claude at UFC 115 for his debut. I’ll be sharing that soon, but in my next update we’ll be talking all about PERIODIZATION where I’ll be sharing my blueprint for putting programs together to get you ready for a fight so you have 100% confidence in your conditioning.


Here’s everything you’re getting with the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program:

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

The MASTER MANUAL reveals the science and secrets behind this program that allows you to spend less time in the gym but gives you better and faster results. Results like increased strength, power and cardio. To see the Table of Contents listing all of the sections in this info-packed 99 page manual, click the image below:

(Click to Enlarge)


Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

The TRAINING GUIDE includes the following:

  • 8, 12 and 16 week Periodized Training Calendars – choose one of these templates depending on when your upcoming fight is (if you have no fight, choose the 16 week calendar your first round through and the 12 week calendar after that).
  • My Closely Guarded 5 Phase Resistance Training Blueprint – each of these 5 phases builds upon the previous one so you continue making gains and never hit a plateau.
  • The ULTIMATE Warmup – there are 5 components to the optimal warmup and I’ll show you exactly how to perform each of these components to get not only your body primed for your workout, but also to fire up your nervous system so you have the best workouts of your life.
  • Printable Resistance Training Worksheets – these worksheets show  you every exercise, rep, set and rest period with space for you to track your progress.
  • Progressive Interval Training Programs – you’ll see exactly to perform the 3 interval training methods to develop endless cardio… and how to progress them workout-to-workout for maximum results.
  • 2 of my Patented NRG System Complexes – once you reach the Power Phase you’ll feel like an animal after only 2 weeks of these truly revolutionary MMA conditioning routines. Finally, you’ll be able to go the distance with complete confidence in your conditioning.

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning


You’ll get over 90 minutes of high quality, detailed instructional videos for EVERY EXERCISE. That’s right – I show you exactly how to perform each and every exercise in the program and give you the coaching points I use with my fighters. Here’s a short preview of what it looks like:



Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

I received a few requests from customers for a PDF version of the exercises, so I obliged and put it together. While the videos give much more detail and you can see the exercise being performed properly, the PDF manual is handy as a quick reference guide.

Inside this guide you’ll get detailed instructions for the over 75 exercises included in the warmup and the 5 distinct phases of training that make up the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.


Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning


You’re getting a ton of info with this program.

There are a lot of videos.

That’s why I put this 1 page checklist together – to make sure you know exactly how to get started on the path to explosive power and endless cardio.

If you want to start on this program TODAY, read this checklist FIRST and you’ll know exactly what you have to do.



I’m not going to tell you that each of these components is worth $47 and that the total package value is $567  like a lot of other sites do. I find that kinda lame.

Instead, I’m going to illustrate a simple point…

To train with me for an hour personal training session costs $90.

To teach you everything included with the Ultimate MMA S&C Program would take at least 16 sessions, which would run you $1440. And that’s if you’re a fast learner. 

With this package, your getting over 16 weeks of programming that includes 9 distinct resistance training workouts, 2 NRG System Complexes, the ULTIMATE Warmup, 2 medicine ball workouts, a post-workout flexibility routine and 3 different interval training protocols for only…

$97 $77

Please Note: This is a downloadable multimedia program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores – you can only access it through this website.

Plus, you’re 100% backed by my


Guarantee #1: Immediately after you read through the e-books, you’ll feel 100% confident in starting the workouts because you’ll understand exactly why everything is put together the way it is and why it’s so efficient and effective.

Guarantee #2: After just 2-3 weeks of following the program, you’ll notice more energy, better cardio and less soreness compared to what you were previously doing. And if you weren’t doing anything before this program, you’ll notice the same things.

Guarantee #3: Within 60 days, a training partner or coach will comment about your improved strength and power and someone will ask you for your ‘secret’. I’ll let you choose if you share your secret or keep it to yourself. 😉

If none of this happens I insist you ask for a refund by sending an email to my assistant Thea HERE. You’ll get every penny back on the spot, no questions asked, no hassles.

This way there is no risk. You’ve got a full 60 days to take this program for a “test drive”.

Get Started RISK-FREE Today:

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I only workout 2 days per week and still get results?

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is designed so that you only have to dedicate 2 workouts per week to your strength and conditioning program.

The secret is in the setup. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has been perfected to work together to increase your strength, power, endurance and cardio.

Every single workout, every single exercise, every single rep you do on this program is for a very specific reason that contributes to the overall continual and rapid results you get from the program.

Simply put, when you learn how to unlock the right methods in the right combination in the right sequence, the strategic, synergistic results are profound. And that’s exactly what the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program does.


Q: What kind of equipment do I need to follow this program?

All you need to get into top fight shape is basic equipment you’ll find in any gym:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Squat rack
  • Bench for bench pressing
  • Chinup bar
  • Swiss ball

And while medicine balls and cables aren’t absolutely necessary, you will get optimal results if you have access to these as well.

Q: Can I do CrossFit while I’m on the program?

NO. In fact, doing CrossFit while on the program will prevent you from getting optimal results and might even cause an injury because you’ll be in a constant state of neural and muscular overtraining.

While CrossFit is excellent for someone looking to develop a good level of general fitness, but the lack of periodization will stop you from making consistent gains.


Q: Can I follow the program more than once?


Because the program is based on a periodized template, exercises, reps, rest periods and more change at least every 4 weeks.

That means you can continue to cycle through the 8, 12 or 16 week training templates and continue to make gains, week after week, month after month.


Q: I want to start training right now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this stuff?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting for results – you can start right away!


Q: I’m not an MMA fighter, I just want to train like one. Will this work for me?

First of all, I know why you want to train like a fighter – because they not only have insane levels of strength and conditioning, they also have chiseled, athletic physiques that most guys (and girls) are after.

Although this program is designed specifically for guys who compete, inside the manual I’ll show you exactly what to do if you’re not training MMA at the same time and you can train 3-4 days per week using the program to make up for the time you’re not doing MMA.

Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s, will this program work for someone older like me?

It does, but to prove it to you, why don’t you check out the results that some of these ‘older’ guys have gotten from the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program:




Q: Is this program suited for a complete beginner?

If you’re a beginner, then this is the best way to get on your way to optimal strength, conditioning, power and cardio for MMA.

You’ll actually make even faster gains than more experienced guys because you won’t have any bad habits to break and you’ll be doing everything properly right from the beginning.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT gain more strength, power and endurance than you ever have previously, just contact me and I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

I stand behind my program as the best MMA strength and conditioning program ever created, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!

Click here to try it RISK-FREE.

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